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Back To School Smiles

Back to school season is a great calendar marker for reminding you, and your whole family to visit the dentist. Send your child back to school with a happy, healthy smile they feel proud to share. Holladay, UT dentist Dr. Val Ludlow offers state of the art dental care for patients of all ages. Our dental care team uses minimally invasive techniques and advanced laser therapy for more effective, and less scary dental treatments.
back to school dental health exam holladay ut denitst


Bi-annual dental health check ups help Dr. Val Ludlow prevent the development and spread of the oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease. Regular visits to the dentist help to preserve your child’s natural, healthy smile for as long as possible. Dr. Ludlow is a highly experienced and trained family dentist. Dr. Ludlow and our entire dental care team provide compassionate, personalized dental care.

We track your child’s oral development to help foresee any developing dental health concerns. Early intervention can help allow for conservative treatment that helps to preserve as much of the natural smile as possible.

Dental Health Exam Includes:
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Screening for cavities and gingivitis
  • Examination of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and jaw position
  • One-on-one time with Dr. Ludlow


Our dental care team offers dental treatments tailored to the unique needs and concerns of the different stages of pediatric oral development. Dr. Ludlow uses state of the art dental technology, laser therapy, and preventative dentistry to help maintain your child’s healthy, beautiful smile.

  • Dental Sealants – Dental sealants can be applied in just one visit to our Holladay dentist office. Dr. Ludlow “paints” the sealant on the teeth. Sealants seal out bacteria, plaque and tartar build up and help to prevent tooth decay in hard to brush areas.
  • Fluoride Treatment- Our Holladay, UT dentist office offers fluoride treatments to help protect children’s teeth from cavities. Fluoride treatments are quick and painless and can help make your child’s teeth stronger and healthier.
  • Sports Mouth Guard – Sports related injuries are a leading cause of tooth loss for child athletes. Dr. Ludlow offers custom designed and fit sports mouth guards to help protect you child’s smile from injury.
  • Drill-Free Dental Fillings- Cavities are a common dental health concern in children. Dr. Ludlow can treat tooth decay conservatively with a tooth colored dental filling when caught early. Dr. Ludlow offers drill-free fillings to reduce anxiety in pediatric patients.
  • Laser Treatment for Tongue Tie- Some children are born with a condition known as tongue tie. Dr. Ludlow utilizes the latest in laser therapy to cut the tongue from the bottom of the mouth for a wider range of motion and improved function.
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Dr. Ludlow offers wisdom tooth extraction from the comfort of our Holladay, UT dental office. This procedure is typically completed in the late teens or early 20s once the wisdom teeth begin to emerge.


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