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Dental Concerns Holladay, UT

From tooth decay to tooth loss, dental problems can affect not only your oral health but your overall well-being. Left untreated, small concerns can easily become larger, more complex problems with more limited treatment options.

Salt Lake City area dentist Dr. Val Ludlow has been treating the dental concerns of patients of all ages for over 35 years. Our Holladay, UT dentist office uses advanced technology, quality materials and the latest techniques to meet your personal oral health needs with comprehensive solutions. Dr. Ludlow has received training in all aspects of dentistry from leading institutions including the Las Vegas Institute and SPEAR, and remains dedicated to continuing education for the benefit of his patients.

An early local adopter of advanced technology, Dr. Ludlow performs a thorough evaluation of your dental health using digital imagery and TruDenta. This offers a complete analysis of all parts of the occlusal system and enables us to make treatment recommendations that will meet your needs and support long term oral health. Dr. Ludlow believes that your dentistry should address not only the aesthetics of your smile, but also the function to avoid repeat treatment down the road.

Treatment for Dental Concerns in Salt Lake City

Holladay Dental Excellence can provide the advanced treatment options necessary to address your dental concerns with lasting results that will support your long term oral health. Dr. Ludlow will thoroughly evaluate both the aesthetics and function of your smile before recommending a treatment plan to restore your smile. Some of the most common dental concerns we treat in our Salt Lake City dentist office include:

  • Bleeding gums: the early sign of periodontal disease, bleeding gums should be addressed to avoid damage that can also affect the integrity of tooth structure.
  • Missing teeth: Dr. Ludlow offers tooth replacement options that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Headaches: frequent headaches that remain undiagnosed are often the sign of an underlying bite problem that is creating tension in the jaw joint.
  • Teeth grinding: untreated, teeth grinding can lead to worn or cracked teeth. It also creates jaw pain and tension that can affect your daily quality of life.
  • Sleep apnea: we offer oral appliance therapy, an alternative to the CPAP for treating sleep apnea.
  • Tongue ties: babies with tongue or lip ties can be treated effectively with our dental lasers for immediate results- without anesthesia.

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Dr. Ludlow welcomes new patients to our Holladay dentist office. If you have been away from the dentist due to dental anxiety and are suffering with poor oral health, we offer dental sedation options. Sedation dentistry can enable you to get back a smile that is healthy, functional and comfortable. To learn more about our comprehensive dental care or to schedule your visit with Dr. Ludlow, contact us at (801) 742-8441 or request an appointment online.