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Tongue Ties Holladay, UT

Dr. Val Ludlow offers convenient, effective laser dentistry for the treatment of tongue ties and lip ties in infants and toddlers. Ankyloglossia is the clinical term for a congenital condition in which the tongue or lip frenulum is too tight, often making it difficult for an infant to breastfeed successfully. If left untreated, tongue ties in babies can also affect proper speech development due to the restraint placed on natural lip and tongue movement.

Treatment for Tongue Tied Babies in Salt Lake City

tongue tied treatment salt lake cityIn most cases, your infant or toddler can be quickly and effectively treated by Dr. Ludlow in our Holladay dentist office. Using a soft tissue dental laser, Dr. Ludlow can perform a tongue tie revision or lip tie revision without the need for anesthesia or a surgical procedure. The frenulum can be released during a brief laser procedure called a frenectomy. Your baby can begin breastfeeding immediately and the laser will stimulate natural healing. Your baby’s ability to breast feed will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks as the tissues heal completely. The tongue tie or lip tie revision will enable your child to enjoy normal speech development down the road.

Dr. Ludlow can diagnose a tongue tie or lip tie and ensure that your child receives appropriate care that will enable him to thrive with effective breastfeeding. If your lactation specialist or pediatrician has diagnosed a tongue tie or you have noticed that your baby has difficulty latching on to the breast, schedule a visit with Dr. Ludlow. He will evaluate the structure of your infant’s mouth and soft tissues and identify if a tongue or lip tie is causing the failure to thrive or feeding difficulties.

Using the CO2 laser, considered the gold standard of treatment for a frenectomy, Dr. Ludlow can release the tight frenulum in a quick, easy procedure performed in the comfort of our dentist office. Laser treatment almost always provides a permanent result that will support your child’s long term health and overall development.

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