Frenectomies (Lip & Tongue Ties)

Does your infant...

  • Struggle to nurse or take a bottle?
  • Leak milk from his or her mouth while eating?
  • Make clicking or smacking noises when eating?
  • Exhibit slow or poor weight gain?
  • Display reflux or colic symptoms?
  • Experience lots of gas or continually fuss?

Does your older child...

  • Sleep restlessly?
  • Speak softly (mumble) or struggle to be understood?
  • Exhibit slow or picky eating?
  • Choke or gag on liquids or foods?
  • Have a strong gag reflex?
  • Show signs of a speech delay or impediments?
  • Grind teeth at night, snore, or sleep with his or her mouth open?

If you have any of these concerns with your children, your child may be tongue and/or lip tied. Infants can be seen by Dr. Wonderly as soon as the problem becomes evident, as early as the day after birth. Use of a CO2 laser for treatment eliminates the need to place infants in the operating room or the need for drugs for treatment. The laser allows minimal bleeding, discomfort and no stitches. Dr. Wonderly is also a breathe baby ambassador through The Breathe Institute.

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